Beach Bums

For what is supposed to be an ultimate expedition a lot of time has been spent at the beach this week. First-off we spent a few days in Abandza before going to Accra and then have just spent another few days in Akwidaa at the Green Turtle Lodge before coming back to Accra, where we are staying at yet another place by the sea!!!

It’s certainly not a chore sitting on the sand, with a drink in hand, watching the waves come in but I’ve felt that I could be doing more and certainly we could have picked beaches to stop at where there were more activities on offer.

Our trips to the beach have seen a change of faces as we have said goodbye to Jacquie, Eti and Geoff and have now been joined by Christine, Ben & Lauren, Vanessa & Liam and Jakob. They have all seemed to fit in with the rest of the group pretty quickly. Either that or they are putting on a good act!

Because we have been sitting on the beach for most of the time recently there is not an awful lot to talk about, ignoring our drunken antics! This is what I also seemed to do in my last blog, managing to completely miss out on Kaye’s Birthday which had a pink theme. Some of the less risqué photos of the night have found their way onto Facebook for those that want to see. I have no idea what Nancy and Kaye were trying to dry out when they were stood legs astride the camp fire!

All of the beaches we have visited have featured their own fleet of small fishing boats and the shores of the nearby villages have been teeming with people collecting the fish and taking them into the village. We even tried some that had been taken directly from the smoking oven that we bought from a lady who lived next to the resort we were staying at in Abandza.

In Akwidaa some of us went on an unsucessful guided turtle walk, where we saw nothing more that a few small crabs, and a canoe trip through the Mangroves where we did not see any Monkeys, that Nancy had claimed we would. There was a fair amount of other wildlife to see, including naked Africans taking their morning bath in the river.

During our stay in Accra when we dropped our passports off for our second attempt at obtaining Nigerian visa’s we stayed at the High Spirit Hostel. The place was a complete shithole and not much more than an unfinished building site. The worst thing was the toilet situation with a toilet connected to blocked drains which meant it didn’t flush properly, often leaving floaters for the next person to see, and stinking to high heaven! This was however when it was actually possible to flush the toilet as often the cistern did not re-fill with water and also when you could get to the toilet! We actually had to pitch our tents on a vacant lot next to the hostel and the gates to which were locked. This meant that if you were caught out during the night, as Baby once was, you had to bang on the gate until being let in!

Fortunately this time, whilst here in Accra, we are staying the night at Big Milly’s Backyard. Whilst the Green Turtle Lodge takes the crown as the nicest place we have stayed recently, it certainly has High Spirit beaten into submission.

Tomorrow Nancy will be picking up our passports with Nigerian visas and the truck ahead of us have also got their DRC visas. This means that Angola remains the only one that is likely to be a major problem. There is a plan B for some of us but if we don’t manage to get visa’s here in Africa it could mean a very small group travelling on the truck, through Angola, whilst the rest have to fly across.

Tomorrow will also be the first bush camp for the new guys. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock for them (especially when it comes to the toilet facilities) and I, for one, will be glad to get back on the road again.